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Court & Teleconference

Superior Court of Justice

Daily Court Lists Online

Decisions of the Court

Notice to the Public and Profession in East Region
          Use of Technology
          Urgent Matters
          Presumptive Modes of Hearings
          Simplified Guide to Presumptive Modes of Hearings in the East Region
                    Criminal Matters
                    Family & Child Protection Matters
                    Civil Matters
                    Small Claims Court Matters
                    Local Scheduling Notices for Pembroke
          Location Information – Renfrew County (scroll to bottom)

Notices and Orders
          Provincial Notices
          Regional Notices
          Small Claims Court
          Orders of the Chief Justice
          Other Documents
                    Guidelines: Mode of Proceedings 
                    Virtual Courtroom Etiquette Rules
                    Motion to Change Endorsement Form
                    Participant Information Form
                   Guidelines on Access to Hearings During COVID-19 Pandemic
                   CaseLines Hearings – Tips for Counsel & Self-Represented Parties
                   FAQ’s about CaseLines
                   Best Practices for Remote Hearings
                   Information for Self-Represented Litigants
                  Calendy Tip Sheet for Counsel & Self-Represented Parties
                  Documents no longer in effect
          Notices no longer in effect

Practice & Procedure
          Rules & Forms
                    Divisional Court
                   Small Claims Court
          Practice Directions and Policies
                         Practice Directions
                         Notice & Guides
                         Binding Judicial Dispute Resolution
                         Civil Motions Information
                         Family Motions Information
                         Province Wide Forms
          Regional Court Schedules
                    East Region
                         Judicial Listings
                        Courthouse Addresses
                        Trial Coordinator Directory
                        Civil Motions Information
                        Family Motions Information                   

Ontario Court of Justice

Daily Court Lists

Decisions of the Court

COVID-19 Notices and Information

Contacts and Courthouse Information
          Legal Aid Ontario
          Specific Courthouse Information

Notices and Information about Criminal Proceedings
          Latest Announcements about Criminal Proceedings
          Trials and Preliminary Inquiries
          COVID-19 Trial Readiness Courts
          Scheduling Trials & Preliminary Inquiries
          Case Management Courts (Inc: set date courts & remand courts)
          Waiver of Personal Attendance & request for Adjournment / 
               Remand by Accused Persons in Custody
         Judge-led Intensive Case Management Courts
        Virtual Case Management Courts for Accused Persons who are
               out of Custody
         Enhanced Designation of Counsel
         Guilty Plea Proceedings
         Bail Proceedings

Notices and Information about Family Proceedings
          Filing Documents & Requests
         Information for Self-Represented Family Litigants

Notices and Information about Provincial Offences Act Proceedings

Remote Hearing Guides

Resources for Self-Represented Persons

The following legal links are provided for your assistance.

Statutes & Regulations




Ontario Gazette

Current Bills   |  All Bills

House Hansard Index

Legislative Assembly of Ontario



Justice Laws Website

LEGISinfo (pending legislation)

Debate (Hansard) – House of Commons Canada

LiPaD : Search the Hansard from 1901 to present

Table of Public Statutes & Repsonsible Ministers

Canada Gazette, Publications -Part I; Part II; Part III

Parliment of Canada

Legal Aid Ontario

Ontario Bar Association

Law Society of Ontario

Ontario Legislation

Federal Legislation

Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC)
This is the organization that keep all police records.  The public can enter the VIN Numbers of stolen bicycles and cehicles to see if they have been located.

Ontario Provincial Police

Ontario Ministry of Community Safety and Corrections
This Ministry looks after the OPP and the Ontario Prisons.  On this website you can find a listing of all jails and their addresses.  There is also an explanation of the prison system in Ontario.

Ontario Courts

Guide to Ontario Courts

Ontario Court of Appeal and Decisions

Ontario Superior Court of Justice

Ontario Court of Justice

Ontario Administrative Tribunals

Ontario Workplace Safety and Insurance Appeals Tribunal Decisions

Ontario Human Rights Commission

Ontario Municipal Board

Ontario Securities Commission

Ontario Labour Relations Board

Ontario Employment Standards

Federal Courts and Tribunals

Supreme Court of Canada

Supreme Court of Canada Decisions

Office of the Commissioner for Federal Judicial Affairs

Canadian Human Rights Tribunal

Canadian International Trade Tribunal

Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada

Canadian Industrial Relations Board

Canadian Radio-Television & Telecommunications Commission

Federal Department of Justice – Laws and Regulations

Information about obtaining a pardon, including application procedures

Association in Defence of the Wrongfull Convicted
This organization takes up the cases of those innocent persons who have been wrongfully convicted, primarily by Canadian courts.  They have spearheaded the campaigns in the cases of Guy Paul Morin, Steven Truscott, David Milgaard and many more.

Research Links

Canadian Access to Justice Network

Duhaime’s Law Dictionary
Researched, written in plain language and provided free of charge by lawyer Lloyd Duhaime.

Law Times

The World Law Guide

Your Legal Rights