2019 Membership in the Renfrew County Law Association

Lawyers practising in the County of Renfrew are invited to join or renew membership in the Renfrew County Law Association for 2019.   Please click the drop-down menu on the Membership tab for a membership application form.

Letter from RCLA President

January 4, 2019

Dear Colleague:

Thank you for supporting the Renfrew County Law Association in 2018 both through your membership and your involvement.

The purpose of this letter is to request the renewal of your membership for 2019. The membership fee this year is $175.00 if payment is received on or before January 31, 2019 for regular and associate members, and $100 for junior members called to the bar in or after 2016.  On February 1, 2019 fees will change to $225.00 for regular and associate members and $150 for junior members.

As you know, the benefits of membership in the RCLA are many and include:

  • Access to the lawyer’s lounge and all services provided therein including coffee and drinks service, charging station, and wireless service.
  • Preferred rates for CPD programs including numerous CPD video replays to assist each of us in meeting our obligations for continuing education.
  • Involvement in numerous social events throughout the course of the year to support our legal community and encourage collegiality.
  • Support for the administration of our library. The association oversees a budget of approximately $134,000 and employs and provides direction to one full-time and one part-time assistant librarian.   Your Executive and Library committee ensures that our area library is able to provide its members access to up-to-date paper, electronic, and online resources necessary to support our practices. As a member we are all entitled to 24 hours per day access to these resources and borrowing privileges.
  • Photocopy privileges at the library.
  • Research services which are provided to members free of charge.
  • Advocacy for members of the bar in Renfrew County within the community, the courts, and the profession.
    Active involvement in and participation in the Federation of Ontario Law Associations which advocates for practitioners with the law society of Ontario and the government with respect to issues relating to practice and the law in general.
    Once again this year we have offered scholarships to support and encourage law students who have shown an interest and desire to return and practice within Renfrew County.
  • We have recently published a newsletter in an effort to keep members updated as to the activities of the Association and hope to continue to do so throughout the upcoming year.
  • We expect to be formally recognizing past members and their accomplishments and will be choosing candidates for recognition at our upcoming annual general meeting.

As you can see the Association is a very active and important part of our legal community which needs your support as a member both by way of the contribution of your membership fees and your involvement.

Thank you very much for your loyalty and participation in the Renfrew County Law Association. If you have any questions or require any assistance please feel free to contact me or any of the other members of the RCLA Executive.

Yours truly,

Jean-Pierre Quintal, President


Will Check – Wills Registry for Ontario

We’re pleased to announce that, a Wills Registry for Ontario, is now open for use by lawyers across the province! Will Check is an initiative by the County of Carleton Law Association, funded in part by the Federation of Law Associations (FOLA), to keep track of will location information to assist in future retrieval. You can register a will individually or send them a batch file of information on several clients. They do not store the will itself, just information on where it can be located, and they provide a release form your clients can sign to approve having their will registered on the site. There is no fee for this service. Check it out at!

Law Office Rental

Furnished law office space for rent in a high profile law office building in  Pembroke.  This space is within the offices of an established and busy law firm.  Includes private office and parking, and shared use and access to common areas including reception, kitchen, and meeting room.  Possible referrals.  Suitable for a new call or junior lawyer.  Rent negotiable.  Apply in writing to Kelly + Kelly Lawyers Professional Corporation.  Address your application to Christopher B. Kelly: